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Crystals for every Zodiac Sign

March 17, 2022
Crystals for every Zodiac Sign | Bodh Gem and Crystals
Zodiac signs command a mystic world of their own. Each sign is linked to our birthdays determining our personalities, characteristics and even habits. Each distinctive sign has its own patent traits which are just SO relatable. Zodiac signs and crystals are always in sync which create a power packed magical combination. Just like our zodiacs are associated with our birthdays, a particular Crystal is dedicated to us to match our energies which help us reach our goals. The perfect alignment of your zodiac and crystal can be truly life changing. Keep reading to know how this fascinating combination helps you guide through life. 


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Aquarius - Garnet

Garnet signifies solidifying friendship bonds, enhancing purity and attracting positivity. As an Aquarius, you’re a sensitive, fragile personality, and garnet bolsters these aspects of your life. Additionally, you have a rebellious side which is tamed by the properties of Garnet inspires and brings radical changes to your water element.


 pisces x rose quartz

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Pisces - Rose Quartz

As a Pisces your head is always in the clouds (err.. we mean air). Ruled by Neptune, the God of the Seas in Roman mythology, you enjoy the finer things in life—especially love. Rose quartz helps to open up the heart chakra and bring romance to Pisces as well as protect it from future heartache. 



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Aries - Jasper

Vibrant, fiery, energetic are the common traits of those belonging to Aries. Red Jasper is known to enhance clarity and practicality in all aspects of your life. Moreover, this will aid you to solve problems in a pragmatic manner.


 taurus x lapis lazuli

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Taurus - Lapis Lazuli

This stunning blue gem helps balance the energies within, which is why it resonates so much with Taurus. Lapis lazuli encourages Taurus to center itself and to never tip its horns (which is, um, easy to do in life).


  Gemini x Tiger's Eye

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Gemini - Tiger's Eye

Being one of the most traditional gems, Tigers Eye allows Geminis to enhance their creativity. It allows the twins to elevate their confidence, positivity and balance with more ease and protection.


 Cancer x Moonstone

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Cancer - Moonstone

As the emotional zodiac, Cancers can have a tough time balancing their emotions. On a heavy day, Moonstone alleviates anxieties by providing comfort and calmness to stabilise the person.


 Leo x clear quartz

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Leo - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known to be an energy amplifier, stimulating the crown chakra. It helps Leos be more active and achieve their natural state of being inventive, positive, and eager to take leadership in work interactions.


Scorpio x smoky quartz

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Scorpio - Smoky Quartz

Shielding a Scorpio from negative vibes is the incentive of Smoky Quartz, which serves to cleanse Scorpio’s aura by enhancing the water sign’s intuitive side. These two go hand in hand. The gem brings the gift of prophecy and Scorpio gives the crystal immense power.  


 sagittarius x amethyst

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Sagittarius - Amethyst

Amethyst represents believed to bring spiritual wisdom, self-awareness and self-possession, just like the Archer astrological sign. Not only that, but it also helps to boost one’s intuition and protects the aura from negative vibes, which is perfect for sensitive Sagittarius.


Capricorn x black tourmaline

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Capricorn - Black Tourmaline 

Driven to do their utmost best, Capricorns never let themselves off the hook. Just like black tourmaline, strong, grounded and perspective, Capricorn’s possess the same attributes. Black tourmaline helps to stay grounded and keep negativity away.



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Virgo - Carnelian

As vibrant, fiery, and energetic Aries can get, they can benefit from the crystal of creativity, Carnelian. Enhanced self-confidence gives you the ability to put aside your fear of uncertainty. The Carnelian Crystal will act as a driving force by increasing self-confidence and courage in you..

 Libra x green aventurine 

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Libra - Green Aventurine

Ruled by Venus, Libras are often very indecisive in their actions and may need guidance in maintaining their individualism throughout the relationships, Green Aventurine can instill some definite sense of purpose in them by boosting will and establishing a clear sense of purpose.


Zodiac stones are majorly based off your sun sign, but you can have a mix of crystals determined by your natal chart. With those with an interest in astrology, the options for crystals are endless. Using crystals that align with your zodiac sign works brilliantly as they support one’s personality and go hand in hand with your traits.