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Tiger's eye

Tiger’s Eye: “The Protector”

Golden flash of light projecting from Tiger Eye’s is a combination of earths energy with the energy of the sun which has a high vibrational state. It protects us from negativity by helping us overcome issues of self doubt and criticism. It attracts wealth by strengthening our conviction and courage.

As the energy center that governs personal power, Tiger’s Eye helps to clear any imbalances from the solar plexus chakra, leaving you feeling like the most powerful, confident version of yourself.
Because of its bold, encouraging energy, it is impactful when it comes to attracting wealth and breaking through financial blocks.

When you connect with this energizing stone, let it be a reminder that the path to success might be full of challenges, but when you harness the energy of Tiger's Eye, you’ll have the inner power to push through any obstacle that appears in your way.