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Workspace Kit 1

₹ 1,550
Authentic Crystal
Charged by
Mrs. Monica
Ships in 2-3 days


When it comes to the workspace, it's important to choose the right crystal to turn it into a positive space. Workspace kits are carefully curated with an intention to improve efficiency and output at work. Especially in this digital world, the technological effects can get a little toxic on us. These crystals will alleviate the energy blockages and protect you from those harmful effects.


Amethyst Generator & Iron Pyrite Cluster


• Spirituality & Meditation
• Abundance
• Protection


- Amethyst Generator will minimise the effects of the harsh computer rays & remove the unwanted energies from your space.
- Place the Iron Pyrite Cluster near your work desk to invite good fortune and prosperity in your future endeavours. 

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