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Healer's Kit

₹ 2,500
Authentic Crystal
Charged by
Mrs. Monica
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If you're a healer and looking for a set of crystals, then this collection is perfect for you. The collection is handpicked with a set of assorted crystals designed to bring harmony to your healing energies while balancing your chakras. Heal yourself and others with this carefully curated Healer's Kit.

How To Use

- Incorporate the spiritual magic of these crystals in your daily life to get your soul and body connected. 
- These beautiful bundles are carefully curated for your everyday life. 
- You can use them during your meditation practices, which will help you clear your chakra blockages and cleanse your aura.


Amethyst Pendulum, Rose Quartz Bracelet, Clear Quartz Raw Cluster & Tiger's Eye 3 in Angel


• Spirituality & Meditation
• Love & Happiness
• New Beginnings & Opportunities
• Abundance
• Health & Wellbeing
• Protection


- Amethyst Pendulum will help you identify the chakra that requires balancing and will help you open them. This will clear unwanted energies that were disrupting or being the hurdle in your practices and will help you gain insights on a situation.
- Rose Quartz Bracelet will purify and open the heart at all levels, and bring deep inner healing and self-love. It will also help you identify the root cause of your negative emotions.
- Clear Quartz Raw Cluster is a powerful healing crystal that purifies the energy. It will help in stimulating the crown chakra by channeling universal energy. 
- Tiger's Eye Angel is your guiding light. They will guide you onto the right path while protecting you and your aura from unwanted energies.  It will also help you overcome issues of self-doubt and criticism.

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