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Grounding & Balance Kit

₹ 730
Authentic Crystal
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Mrs. Monica
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Bring balance and stability into your life with our Grounding & Balance Kit. These crystals are carefully chosen for you to enhance your confidence during tough times and help you find emotional and mental grounding, balance. Each Intention Kit includes Crystal Tumbles + a leaflet that states each crystal's name and purpose, so you, or whoever you are buying for, know what each crystal does! Purposefully place these crystals in your home or workspace to serve your Intention.

How To Use

- Sit in a comfortable position to get ready for your meditation. 
- Next, hold the tumbles in your hand and recite your positive affirmations while meditating. 
- You can even write down your intentions on a piece of paper and place the tumbles over it. 

Note - You should use only positive intentions.


Jasper, Black Tourmaline & Bloodstone.


Jasper helps with letting go of fears and imparts determination in all pursuits. It brings the courage to get a grip on problems assertively and encourages honesty with oneself. It supports during necessary conflict. 

Black Tourmaline is usually grounding, acting as an energy anchor to help you return to a normal functioning state. Get your chakras sparkling clean with this crystal, a big-time energy purifier in the world of healing crystals. 

Bloodstone reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. By grounding us to the life-giving elements of the earth, it assists us with challenges ahead. Especially helpful if you’re the type to think five steps ahead instead of being in the moment.



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