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The Hormonal Balancer

₹ 2,888
Authentic Crystal
Charged by
Mrs. Monica
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From mood swings to fatigue to irregular periods, we go through a lot during the hormonal imbalance period. So we have curated a stack of bracelets that'll help you with your overall health and bring your hormone levels back on track.
These crystals will control your fluctuating and changing hormones and also ease the roller coaster of emotions you often go through


• Grounding & Balance
• Abundance
• Passion & Creativity
• Focus & Concentration
• Protection


    Fluorite is used to balance the imbalances within the body and removes the impurities.

    Carnelian is a stone that calms anger and stimulates creativity. This stone is associated with the third eye chakra and helps in balancing the visualizations and emotions.   


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