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Amethyst Pendulum

₹ 790
Authentic Crystal
Charged by
Mrs. Monica
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Seek the magic within you with the Crystal pendulum. They are a perfect tool to help you communicate with your higher self and to get yes or no answers easily. Pendulums are excellent in guiding, clarifying and raising our self awareness. They are also used to clear energy in places and align chakras during healing. Bring this divination tool into your life and get connected with yourself.


• Spirituality & Meditation
• Protection


1.75 in approx


• Start with cleansing your Pendulum
• Center yourself and establish a connection with your Pendulum
• Ask your Pendulum - What is a "Yes"? and What is a "No"?
• Record its "Yes" and "No" movement and begin asking your questions
• When you are done, thank the Pendulum for it's guidance 


Amethyst enhances intuition, perception, and understanding. It is also used while meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear.


Due to the delicate nature of the Pendulums, these products cannot be returned once sold as per our returns policy.

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