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Amethyst Angel 1 Inch

₹ 350
Authentic Crystal
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Mrs. Monica
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Whether you are meditating, manifesting, or setting intentions, these Crystal Angels act as your guardian guiding you to an elevated state of awareness and consciousness. They don’t let the bad vibes of others bring them down. You will feel their presence around you as they protect you from the negative energies.  

How To Use

- Crystal Angels are like your guardian angel who will help you throughout your daily struggles.
- Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes shut and hold the crystal angel in your hand while reciting positive affirmations to it. 
- In this manner, you can set your intentions with them.

How to care for crystal angels?

- You can carry them with you everywhere you go.
- You can also place them next to your pillow carefully to calm the mind and for a sound sleep.


• Spirituality & Meditation
• Protection


1 in


Amethyst enhances intuition, perception and understanding. It is also used while meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear.


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