May 3, 2024

Relax & Heal: Soothing Anxious Minds with Calming Crystals

Discover the transformative power of crystals in easing stress and promoting relaxation with our latest blog. Explore the calming properties of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Moss Agate, each offering unique benefits for soothing anxious minds. Learn how to incorporate these beautiful gems into your daily life to invite peace and serenity. Embrace the timeless magic of crystals and embark on a journey to inner peace today.

March 2, 2024

The Spiritual Essence of Mahashivratri: Finding Oneness with Shiv

Mahashivratri, a cherished occasion observed by millions globally, holds profound significance. It's a night imbued with heartfelt reverence, where communities unite to pay homage to the enduring love story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Celebrate Mahashivratri with the radiant presence of our crystal ShivLing! 

January 3, 2024

Crystal Grids: A Powerful Tool for Manifestation

Embark on a transformative journey into the mesmerizing realm of crystal grids. Discover the enchanting power of three personalized grids, each weaving magic into different facets of life. The Love Grid radiates warmth with rose quartz and clear quartz, nurturing self-love. Seeking abundance? The Prosperity Grid combines crystal tumbles and iron pyrite for wealth and luck. The Family Crystal Grid harmonizes with amethyst, carnelian, tiger's eye, and black tourmaline. True magic happens when intentions align with actions. Ready to infuse your life with the enchantment of crystal grids? Dive into this insightful blog for a transformative journey. Manifest away, crystal enthusiast!

August 14, 2023

Beyond Threads: The Power and Beauty of Crystal Rakhis

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the eternal bond between siblings. It's that time of the year when sisters tie colourful rakhis on their brother's wrists, symbolizing love, protection, and the promise of a lifelong bond. While traditional rakhis hold their charm, one unique and magical rakhi has been stealing the spotlight in recent times - the crystal rakhi! In this blog, we'll explore the enchanting world of crystal rakhis and discover why tying one of these beauties on your brother's/sister’s wrist can be a delightful and meaningful experience.

June 13, 2023

Unlock Amazing, Glowing Skin with Daily Facial Massages

Everyone desires flawless, radiant skin that exudes a healthy glow. While there are numerous skincare products available in the market promising miraculous results, sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective. One such practice that can transform your skincare routine and give you amazing, glowing skin is daily facial massages. Not only do facial massages help to relax and rejuvenate your skin, but they also aid in tightening the skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. In this blog, we will explore various facial massage techniques, including facial yoga, crystal Gua Sha, crystal Mushroom Gua Sha, and crystal face rollers, and explain how they can enhance your skin's health and appearance.

May 10, 2023

Unique Crystal Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your mother, and what better way to do it than with a meaningful gift? Crystals are a beautiful and unique option that can help your mother in numerous ways. In this article, we will explore six crystals that make great Mother's Day gifts, including moonstone, rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst, jasper, and unakite. Each crystal has its unique properties and can help your mother feel more in tune with herself!

April 28, 2023

What is an Aura & How to work with it?

In today's blog, let's dive a little deeper into the spiritual realm. Now when I say the spiritual realm, I wouldn't want to bore you with the specifics but rather teach you about something fun and intriguing, something that will leave you awestruck for days, something you feel, but cannot express or comprehend much about!

August 27, 2022


Festivals and gifts, who wouldn't agree they make such a great combination? But offering a gift with an intention is something different to think about! This festive season, give a gift with a purpose, it will definitely make the person feel special and loved. Crystals would work miracles and would undoubtedly be the finest gift ever!

July 4, 2022


Mother Earth, as caring as she is, has given us countless gifts, which have helped us grow and have helped us build. The gifts are so priceless, that without them, we could’ve practically never invented any machines that eventually made our lives easier and more convenient. One of these precious gifts, are the natural elements that take birth in the lap of mother Earth herself. 

June 17, 2022

Father's Day

This father’s day, bring your dad the kind of stability, protection, and security that he’s brought you all these years! Holding your hand in his through tough times, scolding you, nurturing you, doing all he could in your best interest, he’s been there for you when you needed him. This year, give a small part of it back by bringing him crystals in the form of mask chains, bracelets, paperweights, and much more!

March 17, 2022

Crystals for every Zodiac Sign

Just like our zodiacs are associated with our birthdays, a particular Crystal is dedicated to us to match our energies which help us reach our goals. Keep reading to know how this fascinating combination helps you guide through life. 

November 9, 2021

How to choose the correct crystal for yourself?

The beauty of crystals is that they exist for every cause, occasion and to fulfil every desire. The gorgeous rocks are now a part of our daily routines in varied forms, to enhance our meditation and wellness practices.

November 9, 2021

Shapes of Crystals

Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each of them are unique having their own meaning, significance, energy and usage.

November 9, 2021

How to clean & maintain your Crystal

Let’s admit it, crystals are life changing. To seek well-being, people are now turning towards crystals for their high stimulating and energising properties. Once you get one, you keep coming back for more.

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