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November 9, 2021

Shapes of Crystals

Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each of them are unique having their own meaning, significance, energy and usage.
Shapes of Crystals - Bodh Gem and Crystals

Crystals have taken birth in various shapes and sizes and as magnificent as they are to look at, each crystal-shape holds a definite value, the correct use of which has brought us this far in our lives and will take us even further, once we know the meaning and significance of each. Crystals have never known to be harmful to any species on this planet. Once you set your intentions behind choosing a particular crystal, it tends to form a relationship with your inner being and works in harmony with your emotions – always guiding them towards the correct path.


Raw / Clusters:


A simple thumb-rule for any crystal is that it generates more energy when it is left at its rawest form. Clusters are basically ordinary rock-shaped and have numerous points sticking outwards, called pointers. The pointers are the centers that emit and absorb energy. A cluster-shaped crystal, can be programmed to cleanse a room or even another crystal! The crystal you want to clean, must be kept overnight over the cluster and voila! You have a re- energized crystal, ready to go.




Spherical crystals or stones are a source of continuous flow of energy. They resemble a water-fall of sorts which never seizes to give out positive energy. Round-shaped crystals are known to enhance our intuition, sharpen our perspective and clarify our thoughts. They are a gift to us to elate us from our procrastinating nature and help us trust our gut more and more.





Generators have a single point which generates electrical impulses into our being that has an overall healing effect. They are used to construct a 2-way channel of energy which imbibes positive energy within us and elates negative energy from us. They are often kept on a study/work desk to strengthen concentration and focus.


Double Pointed Generators:


Double pointed generators are typically known for their capacity to enhance balance and bring harmony to our soul. It has also proven to be vital to break patterns. Hence these crystals are used to help people overcome their addictions.




Chips work very well along with other kinds of chip-sized crystals. They’re found in a grid underneath tiles of homes. This keeps makes the house a hosting environment where energies can flow continuously. Because of their size and magnificence, chips are also used to make jewelry and for home décor.




Needless to explain how it looks like, a pyramid is used to help us concentrate and build thoughts towards the fulfilment of our goals and aspirations. It typically amplifies energies and takes them to the tip where the outflow begins. Try this simple exercise with a pyramid – place it on a piece of paper and think about our aspirations and what you want your future to look like. It will definitely set you off on an optimistic path.




Not the kind of wands that you can create spells with! Wands are traditional tools used by alternate healers, to initiate a thin channel of energy that focuses only on the key areas (areas which require healing-attention). Wands become supreme healing tools when you let the universal energy flow through your crown Chakra.


Tumble Stones:


Tumble stones are formed from mineral-crystallization on the body of natural rocks. They are small, beautiful pieces which come in several colors and capacities. Tumble stones radiate gentle energy and are among the favorites of crystal-healers. They are excellent meditating partners and help one to access its healing capabilities through mild vibrations.




Pendulums are ancient tools that our ancestors banked on. They were used to tell directions and show time! In the modern world, pendulums can be used by one to seek a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer (clockwise movement is considered as a positive answer). Healers also use pendulums to measure our Chakra’s energy and also open blocked Chakras.


Crystal Trees:



Imagine a sizeable tree embedded with crystals. Isn’t it lovely? Crystal trees are kept at homes or workplaces to keep the positive vibrations flowing and to make our time in that environment happier and more productive. A typical crystal tree is embedded with 300 crystals.