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How to clean & maintain your Crystal

November 9, 2021
How to clean & maintain your Crystal | Bodh Gem and Crystals

Let’s admit it, crystals are life changing. To seek well-being, people are now turning towards crystals for their high stimulating and energising properties. Once you get one, you keep coming back for more. You can adorn them as a part of your jewellery or alternatively place them in your surroundings for healing purposes. For healers who use crystals, and want them to work at their full potential, it is mandatory for them to be cleansed and recharged appropriately after each use. Other users can cleanse and recharge their crystals after a few uses or as they deem fit. Given the vast array of crystals available dedicated to specific purposes, the cleansing methods also differ. You can always change or mix up your cleansing routines according to your preferences and the environment.


Charging crystals with water


We first begin with water, the easiest and simplest method to cleanse your crystals. Dip your crystals in a bowl of clean water or keep them under a running tap for a few moments. This way fresh water absorbs all the excess unwanted energies from your crystals. Cleaning with water works for most crystals but keep in mind, Iron Pyrite which can only be rinsed lightly.


Setting intentions with crystals


Another alternative and yet convenient way to cleanse your crystals is by basking them in moonlight. Soft moonlight is ideal for rough and polished crystals. Place your crystals for a few minutes to an hour near the window so that they’re exposed to moonlight and ready by the next morning for use again. Check the type of crystal to determine the duration of exposure to moonlight.


Praying with Crystal


A more advanced method would be making use of intentions. By praying on to a crystal or reciting a prayer or mantra, you can cleanse and recharge your crystal. If any physical dirt is stuck on your crystal use one of the above methods first and then use intentions additionally. This method requires no external element and purely relies on your intentions to recharge the crystal with new energies. 


Selenite Bowl


What better way of cleansing than using your own reservoir of crystals. It is a renowned fact that crystals have self cleansing properties. Selenite, Amethyst or Clear Quartz can be placed on top of your other crystals for a few hours, as they have the most powerful properties. This practice ensures balancing the energies of all the crystals.


Charging with Mother Nature


Neutralizing the energy of crystals can also be done by earthing them. This signifies burying your crystals in the ground for a certain time until it’s deemed right. This method is efficient for the crystals which have a harder texture. By doing this you might have to double cleanse the crystals by running them under water to get rid of any debris.


Charging Crystals with scent


Sage interestingly has an array of healing properties. Since it is a scared plant known to drive off negative vibrations and restore positive energy, it is a great source to cleanse your crystals. All you have to do is ignite the tip of the sage and move it around the crystal in a circular motion. Approximately after a minute you can stop doing this and your crystal will be completely cleansed. Alternatively, if you don’t have easy access to sage, lighting a candle and following the same process will be as effective. This way you get rid of any negative energy that was surrounding your crystal.


Setting intentions with crystals


Lastly, those who are more experienced which crystals can make use of visualization and meditation. This method involves sitting in meditation and simultaneously visualizing the crystals being cleansed with pure energies. Imagination is key as one has to concentrate on getting rid of negativity in the surroundings. This advanced practice is suitable for all types of crystals.


By now we can assure that crystal cleansing and recharging is as easy as counting from one to three. With that being said, we’re excited to know which method is most preferred by you the and what’s your go to cleansing method. These mini rituals will ensure your crystals last a lifetime and guide you through life. Also no matter which practice you incorporate in the cleaning routine, don’t forget to say a word of gratitude to the crystal for the purpose it’s serving you.