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Father's Day

June 17, 2022
Father's Day | Bodh Gem and Crystals

A Special Gift


This father’s day, bring your dad the kind of stability, protection, and security that he’s brought you all these years! Holding your hand in his through tough times, scolding you, nurturing you, doing all he could in your best interest, he’s been there for you when you needed him. This year, give a small part of it back by bringing him crystals in the form of mask chains, bracelets, paperweights, and much more!


Mask Chain


Does your dad have a tendency to misplace his mask or glasses? While this little habit of his might make you giggle sometimes, help him solve his problem by gifting him a chain to attach to it! Not only does it make his mask easier to find, and adds a touch of fun to his outfit, it can also support him on a higher level! Using a crystal mask chain can help increase his confidence, keep him grounded, revitalise his senses, and help him stay focused!




Walking into your father’s workspace, have you noticed how the papers fly around under the fan? The constant flapping can really push a person's buttons. Gift him a crystal paperweight to help keep the overall feel of his workspace up! Not only will the crystal help maintain his good mood, it'll also make him feel more passionate about his work, confident in his ideas, and clear in his thinking. Not to mention, it really makes his desk look better!


Malachite & Tiger's Eye Bracelet


Of course, crystal bracelets and rings. I know, it doesn’t sound like something your dad would ordinarily like. However, these rings and bracelets are designed for men, helping them on a spiritual level while also making them look so elegant! They’re made out of these special stones that are not only gorgeous to the eye, but also help balance the bodily energy centres.


Find the right crystals for your beloved father, and give him something that can last for years! Make this year’s father’s day a special one, with our collection of father’s day crystals to brighten his day and show him how much you truly care.